Bully Ray Gave A Wrestler’s Perspective On That Scary John Cena Head Drop

This past Tuesday on WWE Smackdown Live, there was a dream match in the main event with Shinsuke Nakamura beating John Cena clean to earn a shot at the WWE Champion Jinder Mahal at SummerSlam. The match was great, but what really got people talking was that nasty bump Cena took on his head and neck that took place right before Nakamura hit his Kinshasa knee strike finisher to win the match.

Here’s a look at it in case you missed it.

Since then, wrestling fans have offered their take on what happened. Some people think that Nakamura was reckless, or that Cena was supposed to bump onto his stomach and it’s his fault for not turning over enough. Others, like myself, simply realize that it’s part of the business; that accidents happen. What really matters is that Cena is fine and there’s no reason for Nakamura to get any heat.

Bully Ray (also known as Bubba Ray Dudley) is a regular host of the Busted Open Radio Show on Sirius. He offered up his take on whether WWE management may talk to Nakamura about the suplex (or reverse powerslam) he did on Cena. Thanks to Wrestlezone for the transcript:

“I don’t think that anyone needs to talk to Nakamura, because if you noticed right after the match, as Nakamura is walking over to John Cena, he says ‘I’m sorry’ and John looks at him and says ‘there’s nothing to be sorry about’. If there’s one thing we all understand as wrestlers, it’s the risks we take in the ring and we know damn well that anything can happen at any given time. We try to take the most calculated of risks. John doesn’t want Nakamura to feel bad about himself, John knows the push that Nakamura’s about to get. John doesn’t want Nakamura to doubt himself, because John knows where Nakamura’s about to go. So, I think that moment in time is all the talk that Nakamura really needed. Again, I guarantee you when they got to the back, John brushed it off, no big deal, all good, and I don’t think it will be an issue moving forward.”

I think he makes great points there and I agree with all of it. Cena doesn’t want Nakamura to feel bad about what happened and that’s why he re-assured him after it happened.

I doubt there’s going to be any heat on Nakamura after what happen, but it’s possible he may do that move less often in the future. Thanks to Bully Ray for giving us a wrestler perspective.