Cameron Is Training Outside Of WWE And Fantasy Booking Herself Onto Team B.A.D.

Ariane Andrew, better known as “Cameron” of WWE Divas fame, sat down for a post-Total Divas with AfterBuzz TV to discuss where she fits in the “Divas Revolution.” As you may have guessed, she feels “forgotten,” and is going outside the WWE system to get the training she needs for the opportunities she feels she deserves.

“I’m doing my own training, like what I’m not supposed to be doing. I want to be the best that I can possibly be and if it means like being a rebel, and if I get in trouble for it, at least I can say I got in trouble because I want to be better.”

To date, Cameron’s highest-profile WWE character was being one of two “Funkadactyl” dancing girls for an interplanetary dinosaur man, and is alternately most famous for a botched pin attempt and the worst answer in the history of Tough Enough. WWE’s apparently not giving her what she needs for a sustainable, notable career in wrestling, so if she has to go the Eva Marie route and train outside the box to get better, she should absolutely do that.

When asked about Paige, Cameron explained that while one is allowed to feel bomb — bomb is, in fact, encouraged — one can start to feel themselves so much that bomb becomes an excuse for non-bombable attitudes. Or, uh, something. Here’s what she said about Paige:

“I just feel like she’s had so many opportunities given to her, like sometimes people start to feel themselves a little bit … maybe she feels like, ‘I am bomb so I can act this way.’ ”

As for being forgotten, Cameron won’t manage Team B.A.D. (she’s “been there, done that”), but she’ll definitely fantasy book herself onto the team:

“People have been like, I wish it would’ve been you instead of Tamina … to see you, Sasha and Trin, that would have been some sassiness.”

That’s definitely what people say when they see Sasha Banks. “I wish Cameron was here.”

Here’s the complete interview if you want to check it out. If would be bomb if you did, but also bomb in a different way if you didn’t. “Bomb” is like “Smurf,” right?