Can You Believe It Took Hulk Hogan This Long To Do The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge?

200 years ago when this ALS Ice Bucket Challenge began, Triple H sprayed ice water and challenged “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan. It’s amazing that Hogan hadn’t already done an Ice Bucket Challenge THEN. I’d picture Hogan opening his freezer and diving into it head-first if it meant he’d get some publicity. Since then we’ve seen Vince McMahon do it, Stephanie McMahon do it … hell, even former Hogan leg-rider Dixie Carter participated. Still, no Hulkster.


Best parts:

1. He does it at Hogan’s Beach, which is where Hogan should be 100% of the time he’s not on a wrestling show.

2. He challenges Sylvester Stallone for not putting him in The Expendables.

3. He didn’t get the Nasty Boys to dump the ice on him.