Here’s Ohio State QB Cardale Jones Attitude-Adjusting A Kid Into A Swimming Pool

Cardale Jones has gone a long way to becoming the most liked college player of the upcoming season. First, he owned some guy who wanted him to shut up and play. Now, he’s showing a vast repertoire of wrestling moves. First, he has a spinning Ace Crusher move similar to Marc Mero’s finisher, but better because Mero was the worst at everything. He followed up with an Attitude Adjustment onto the pool. No confirmation on if the kid had just finished hitting Jones with two chairshots, five finishers and a Volvo or not. Or if Jones made fun of the kid’s nipples or something first.

I can’t wait for someone to make a big deal about how he’s endangering a kid. Too bad Cowherd is gone. I mean, what else will people talk about right now? Baseball? But this fake sport is better. Let’s hope we can get Jones in NXT in a few years if the NFL thing doesn’t work out. Maybe he won’t get hype… he’ll stay hype. Is that taken?

Cue up Jim Ross dubs in 3… 2…