The Third Cavs-Warriors Finals Feels A Lot Like One Of Wrestling’s Greatest Rivalries

05.31.17 2 years ago 7 Comments

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The Golden State Warriors and the defending NBA champion Cleveland Cavaliers will meet up on Thursday, making them the first teams to battle for an NBA championship for three consecutive years. Trilogies in sports are rare, only happening a handful of times ever. The most notable probably being the Ali/Frazier boxing matches in the 70s, but even then their legendary fights were years apart.

Even in the scripted world of Hollywood where trilogies have become the gold standard for movie franchises, pulling off the perfect trifecta is an elusive goal. Star Wars had those damn Ewoks. The Matrix had two meaningless sequels and The Godfather had a part three movie with an incest storyline and Sofia Coppola.

The beauty of the Warriors/Cavs trilogy is that it’s been played out with the drama of a scripted battle. There really isn’t a comparable movie or sports comparison to match the ups and downs and epic entertainment of the last two years. Only one genre of entertainment sets up a blueprint for such a confrontation: professional wrestling.

There’s really a single trilogy, one unforgettable encounter, that resembles the Cavaliers vs. Warriors. And it’s the best trilogy in wrestling history. The three-match series between Ric Flair and Ricky Steamboat in 1989.

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