Watch WWE’s Cesaro Beat Up Unruly German Tire-Shop Workers In This Bizarre Commercial

If that headline made you tilt your head to the side like a dog, you aren’t alone. Here’s the synopsis:

Watch WWE Superstar Cesaro surprise some of his biggest fans with a tire change they’ll never forget. Vianor serves many WWE fans, and together with Cesaro and the WWE, they created a hidden camera pitstop like no other. Check it out. You could be next!

The reality of this commercial poses so many questions. Is Cesaro just hanging out in German tire places in his wrestling gear? Does he show up and just chill in the back drinking coffee and reading international editions of Auto Trader until sh*t gets ingobernable? How do I get a pillar with a button on the top that I can use to summon Cesaro when I need a fight to end? That’s totally English ADR on Cesaro so we can enjoy the commercial without subtitles, right? No, not Alberto Del Rio. Most importantly, why didn’t Cesaro pop that guy with a European uppercut after he bound him with a tire?

If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to spend the rest of my day driving around to used tire stores in central Texas and pushing every button I can find, just in case it starts up a fog machine and brings in Mark Henry.