Cesaro’s Injury At WWE No Mercy Was Somehow Grosser Than Expected

On Sunday night at WWE’s No Mercy pay-per-view, wrestling fans everywhere were horrified by an injury during the Raw Tag Team Championship match between champs Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose and challengers Sheamus and Cesaro. At one point, Ambrose catapulted Cesaro into the corner, and while going for the tried and true Mr. Perfect “miss the turnbuckles and hit the post” visual, Cesaro’s face hit the post, teeth-first.

Cesaro came up clutching at his face and was soon bleeding from the mouth. From multiple angles, it looked like the Swiss Superman had lost his front teeth, and photos after the match made it seem as if his chompers had been busted all to smithereens.

As it turns out, the truth is actually grosser than that!

According to WWE.com, Cesaro’s teeth weren’t broken, they were PUSHED UP INTO HIS JAW. NOOOOOOOOOOPE.

Following an injury to his front teeth during a heated Raw Tag Team Title Match at WWE No Mercy, Cesaro will visit a maxillofacial surgeon to have the issue resolved and get himself back into action.

“Cesaro’s teeth were pushed up into his upper jaw by about 3 to 4 mm,” WWE medical personnel Dr. Daquino explained. “The next step is for him to see a maxillofacial surgeon today, most likely removing the teeth and then having some implants made. So hopeful we will have him up and running after Tuesday or so.”

The Swiss Cyborg also received three stitches in the bottom lip, but that was overshadowed by what happened with his teeth.

The end result is that Cesaro is STILL going to require getting new, beautiful teeth, only he’ll have to undergo surgery to get his old ones removed from his gums after they’ve been [retches] jammed halfway back up in there. [shudders]

Okay bye forever, everyone. It’s marshmallows and drinking through a straw only for me from here on out.