C’est Magnifique! Maryse Might Just Be Returning To WWE TV.

For quite a while there was kind of a set career trajectory for successful WWE Divas – they’d be brought in to be eye-candy, but somewhere along the way they’d acquire a taste for the business. So, they’d train their asses off, become legitimately good and win the Divas/Women’s Championship, but then, once at the top, they’d realize the best they could aspire to in WWE was the 3-minute piss break between the semi-main and main, so they’d quit to focus on something less Sisyphean and physically punishing.

Well, WWE is now putting more of a focus on its female talent – they have a reality show, Raw regularly features at least a couple Divas segments and solid six or seven minute matches are a regular thing on PPV. There’s still a lot of room for improvement, but it seems like it’s enough to tempt some lapsed Divas back into the WWE fold. We already know Eve Torres is likely coming back, and it seems like the lovely Maryse just might be returning as well.

Recently WWE posted a poll asking fans who their favorite WWE power couple was. The Miz and Maryse were included on the list, which is odd, because their relationship has never been acknowledged on TV (people might briefly stop thinking Miz was a goober if they did, and we can’t have that). Miz responded on Twitter

“Maryse & my relationship hasnt been on TV yet we are ranked as a WWE power couple Keep voting & maybe ull see #MarMiz”

Hmmm! I’d certainly be up for some MarMiz. Sounds like it would be good on toast.

For her part, Maryse has been posting more wrestling-related stuff than usual to her Instagram account (which you really should be following for, uh, reasons) and she recently made this reference to WWE travel that could be taken either way.

“I do not miss traveling 280 cities a year…”

So yeah, maybe not the most concrete evidence, but come on, Maryse would crush everything on Total Divas, and would certainly be a better addition to Miz’s entourage than Hornswoggle. Hmmm, but who could play Maryse’s stunt double?

Start working on those hair flips Kelly.

via Diva Dirt