Charles Barkley Beat Godzilla, And Now He's Calling Out Brock Lesnar

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05.03.12 13 Comments

Two major points of interest here:

1. Whenever he’s within 200 feet of the Memphis city limits, Jerry “The King” Lawler becomes awesome. I don’t know what I like more, the fact that he’s piledriving a guy on a basketball court during a timeout or the fact that he’s got spandex King pants that match his Grizzlies jersey.

2. Charles Barkley just stuck up for WWE Superstar John Cena (a job usually reserved for women and little kids covered in wristbands) and threatened former UFC Heavyweight Champion and current WWE simulated arm-breaker Brock Lesnar, promising an ultimate team-up with Shaquille O’Neal if Brock doesn’t leave Cena alone. I’m sad he didn’t threaten to Five Buck Box him in the diverticulitis.

The boast seems like just another one of Sir Charles’ ridiculously spoken sentences, but you never know … Barkley does have connections in the wrestling business:

And wrestling loves its random basketball guest stars. If Barkley does show up and lock his ‘STFU And Jam’ submission on Brock, he’ll be the latest in a long tradition of players with fake fighting experience — Dennis Rodman, Karl Malone and proposed tag team partner Shaq have all found success in the ring.

Maybe he should pick on someone smaller, though. If Brock ever got a clean shot on Barkley, the results would be turrble.

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