Charlotte Flair Is Undefeated Against Lana, Both In The Ring And On Twitter

Lana, the Ravishing Russian, has been a little bit of a fish out of water ever since she split from Rusev. She went from being one of the best around as a manager to being … well, I wouldn’t call her the “worst” wrestler on the main roster, but she’s definitely in one of the lower percentiles. But she’s new! She hasn’t really had much success in the ring so far, but she sure keeps getting title shots!

The Total Divas star took to Twitter on Wednesday to sort of unprompted and ill-advisedly tweet a taunt at Charlotte Flair, which reads like she thinks being a wrestler isn’t what she aspires to … as a wrestler in WWE.

Fans sort of dragged her for the tweet, but there was no retort more succinct or pointed than Flair’s:

Flair is a five-time women’s champion and is widely considered to be one of the best women wrestlers of her generation. Plus, her dad is Ric Flair, which is always good for some bragging rights. Lana is … winless in televised singles competition in WWE. So we’re just going to say Flair wins this one, too.

Lana seems to be taking it all in stride, however, and is doubling down on her assertion that looking good > wrestling well.

It is heartening to know that Lana plans on not only living to be 120 years old, but also to be looking DYNAMITE at that advanced age. We can only hope that she’s back with Rusev by the time she turns 120.

What would you even do for a 120th birthday party, anyway? (Other than pray for the merciful release of death, I mean.) You know what I would do? Dave and Buster’s. Even 120-year-olds can appreciate some video game trivia.