Charlotte Wants To Bring Back The WWE Women’s Championship And Get Rid Of The Term ‘Diva’

After a turn that felt like it took roughly a million years to get to, newly-minted heel Charlotte hit up WOOOOO! Nation with Ric Flair to talk to her father about her goals in WWE. She ran through what you’d expect, talking about having a WrestleMania moment, and even commissioning a robe like her dad should that opportunity arise. But then she hit another presumably WWE-approved talking point, one that seems to be coming up more and more lately: dropping the Divas branding.

I want to bring back the Women’s Championship. I want longer matches. I want those crossover segments. I want more storylines, [and] just not to be eye candy or popcorn matches. And, hopefully, being champion at the moment, I just can somewhat kick open more doors and pave the way for more opportunities.

It’s a familiar talking point. Mick Foley called for the term ‘Diva’ to be shotgunned into the sun after Madusa’s 2015 Hall of Fame induction speech. WWE has been bringing up the Women’s Championship more and more on their website, be it in polls, photo galleries, or even posting it as Sasha Banks’ Christmas wish. If WrestleMania is supposed to be the reset button on what WWE will be like in 2016, it seems like all signs are pointing to the demise of that damned sparkly butterfly.

Charlotte goes on to address that it’s not a change one can make abruptly:

I’m not taking away anything from the Divas Championship. I just think as the division is evolving, the title can evolve too. But from what I understand, I think NXT is going to go to not using ‘Diva’ anymore, so it would only be natural for that to happen on the main roster as well. But just think of how many years of branding [are] behind the butterfly Divas Championship, so it just can’t happen overnight.

Naw, guys. Just do it. Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks at WrestleMania for the WWE Women’s Championship. Nobody’s gonna give a f*ck about branding if you make that happen.

Transcription h/t to Wrestling Inc.

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