Check Out Eric Bischoff’s Beautiful Legs In These Cheesy Target Ads From The Early-80s

Say what you want about Eric Bischoff, but the guy isn’t afraid to get a little egg on his face. Case in point, Bischoff recently shared some photos from his early modeling career on Twitter. Yes, Eric Bischoff used to be a model. Uh, for Target ads. Hey, everybody has to start somewhere.

Here’s Eric and another dude sandwiching a little kid while wearing Huk-A-Poo shirts and Men’s Fashion Jeans. Y’know, as one does.

Here’s Eric flashing his gams in some stylish men’s culottes. If you’re picking up some sexual tension from this one, that’s because the lady in the middle would become Eric Bischoff’s wife. Yeah, okay, most of the the sexual tension is actually between Eric and the guy in the red shorts and belly shirt, but we’re building a story here.

Somehow, some way, Bischoff’s relationship has survived more than┬áthree decades in the wrestling business and the hurly-burly world of Target ad┬ámodeling. Here’s the happy couple today:

D’awwww. If only Bischoff had been as good at running a wrestling company as he apparently is at life.