Check Out John Cena And Other WWE Stars Looking Like Dorks In ‘WWE Immortals’

A while back we learned that WWE was working with the developer of Mortal Kombat on a mobile game called WWE Immortals, which seemed like a great idea. Who doesn’t want to see John Cena’s spine get torn out through his mouth or Ryback get crushed by an old WWF WrestleFest arcade cabinet?

We still don’t know much about how WWE Immortals will play, but some pictures of various WWE stars in their new “fantastically re-imagined” duds have emerged, and well, they’re all looking very Mortal Kombat-ey and more than a tad goofy.

First up, we have John Cena who’s literally dressed as Superman, with his stupid okey-doke fingers symbol on his chest. Be careful when you wish for John Cena to ditch the jorts and kids t-shirts, because this is probably the alternative.

Next up, we have Sheamus’ head on top of Kratos’ body. Those are some very pretty face braids, fella.

Here’s Big Show…or is it Ryback? Maybe it’s both. The Big Big Guy.

Finally, here’s the Bellas looking like Kitana and Mileena, because all Mortal Kombat women have to look like Kitana or Mileena. Gotta love how they made sure to capture the Bellas’ differing breast sizes, but couldn’t be bothered to make their faces look even remotely accurate.

We also have a couple teaser images of The Rock and Brock Lesnar looking like glowy rock monsters.

Okay, now, where’s my Miz fighter? Dude is pretty much a full-time Johnny Cage cosplayer – excluding him from the game would be like 90s WCW teaming up with Mortal Kombat and not having Glacier play Sub-Zero.

WWE Immortals hits iOS and Android platforms January 15th.

via WWE Immortals on Facebook