Check Out These Pictures Of A Nearly 60-Year-Old Vader Looking Absolutely Inhuman In The Gym

Former WCW and IWGP Heavyweight Champion Vader turns 60 tomorrow, so what’s the big, bad, senior citizen been up to lately? Kicking back, enjoying a beverage out of his giant, mastodon-shaped beer helmet? Nope. Vader’s actually continued to do some on-and-off wrestling on the indie scene and in Japan, and he’s also continued to tear it up in the gym.

Vader was always huge, but, for most of his career, that muscle came with a fair a mount of, shall we say, padding. That’s no longer the case, as he recently posted photos from the gym on Twitter, and the guy’s looking like an insane muscle monster.

Fox could have saved some serious money by casting Vader in Fantastic Four. With a little orange paint, he could pass as The Thing without any CGI. Here’s a picture of him standing beside a regular person

Human beings aren’t supposed to be that wide. I can’t even comprehend what I’m looking at. Part of me wants to tell Vader to slow down, but I can’t stop cheering as he Vader Bombs Father Time into dust.

via Big Van Vader on Twitter