Tough Enough’s Chelsea Green Talks Her Elimination, Lance Storm, And Being Megan Miller

When Dianna Dahlgren exited WWE Tough Enough in Week 3, it was exactly the opportunity her substitute Chelsea Green was looking for. She and Patrick Clark, Jr. were the only competitors with any in-ring experience to their name prior to the start of the show. But, like Patrick, Chelsea’s time with the cast has come to an end. Here’s what the British Columbia native had to say about the trials and tribulations of the show.

With Spandex: What have you been doing since last night’s elimination?

Chelsea Green: A lot of sleeping, and a lot of thinking!

Do you feel like Paige’s save was more thought out than Miz’s save last week?

CG: You know what, that’s a tough one. I think they both have made the right decisions. They made them for completely opposite reasons, but I don’t think they made the wrong decisions. They’re keeping two really tough competitors around.

Of the two women who have been saved, who has the brighter future going forward?

CG: I think they both bring something different to the table. They really are opposites. One being brunette and one being blonde, one being Australian and one being American… they’ve got very different personalities, very different in-ring styles and characters. In the end, I think both of them will be successful, whether it’s in the WWE or not. They are two fierce competitors, and I don’t think they’re going to stop. Whichever one wins, the other one’s going to really push and try to make sure she makes a name for herself. I’m looking forward to seeing to seeing who makes it to the end just as much as you are.

Do you feel like people were gunning for you because you have prior in-ring experience?

CG: I hope they were. I hope it didn’t come off as me being arrogant or thinking that I knew too much. I wanted people to know that I love this, and that’s why I got in the ring two years ago and made sure that I was honing my craft. I hope that people really supported me because I had that previous experience.

Speaking of experience, am I going to be in hot water if I say the words “Megan Miller?”

CG: No, you won’t! I’ve heard it a few times.

How did that opportunity come about?

CG: I was lucky enough to get a call as an extra. I did some Rosebud work, and the opportunity came on a silver platter. I was more than happy to take that opportunity and run with it, because who else has the chance to get in the ring with Daniel Bryan, Brie Bella, and Stephanie McMahon? I was so unbelievably thankful to have that opportunity, and to be trusted enough to get in the ring and basically cut a promo for the WWE Universe.

Are you going to stay in contact with any of your fellow competitors?

CG: Oh, definitely. Especially these last six competitors. I’ve spent the past month with them, and I really enjoyed the time I spent with them. So, there’s no doubt in my mind that we’ll be having a Tough Enough reunion.