There Was An Accidental Chris Benoit Reference On The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Here’s a sentence you probably never expected to read: Ellen DeGeneres accidentally made a Chris Benoit joke on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show.’ That’s Great Khali stars in a telenovela with Conan O’Brien levels of random.

If you watch Ellen — and since you’re a wrestling fan reading this on the Internet, I’m sure you do — you’re familiar with her ‘Coachella Band or Pro Wrestler’ segment. It’s pretty self-explanatory. You have to guess whether the random collection of words is a band performing at Coachella, or a professional wrestler. As you’ll see in this clip, Diamante Electrico is a band.

The second name is … uh, not a band.

Sometimes when an intern googles “funny wrestler names,” they come across a fancy horse guy in a funny mask and tights and think Pegasus Kid would make the audience laugh. It would, and did. And wrestling fans watching are like, “oh. Oh no. Ellen, no.” Who knows, though, maybe Ellen’s a smart mark who thinks his legacy as an in-ring performer justifies his inclusion in wrestling history. I mean, who hasn’t had that argument.

We’ll keep you updated on Ellen’s next segment, ‘Bonnaroo Band or Definitely Not Racist Guy,’ featuring Milky Chance and Mr. America.