Chris Jericho Is Moderating A Pre-Royal Rumble Monday Night Wars Debate In A Dave & Busters

Have you ever wanted to pay $60 to hear the real story of the Monday Night Wars debated by two completely and utterly unbiased parties? That’s a super weird and specific Christmas wish, but that’s what’s going down at an illustrious Dave & Busters in Philadelphia next month:

You can witness the first ever open forum discussion/debate between the two Monday Night War pioneers Eric Bischoff and Bruce Prichard.

There is going to be another “Rumble” taking place that Sunday between two of the most powerful men in pro wrestling.Former president of WCW, Eric Bischoff will be going face to face with Vince McMahon’s former right hand man, head of talent relations and key member of the creative team Bruce Prichard on stage for a one of a kind show like you never seen before.

Do you want to know the behind the scenes “dirt” between the two feuding companies WWE & WCW during the highest rated televised wrestling programs of the 1990’s and the men responsible. They want to tell their side of the story in front of a live crowd for the first time ever!!! – RF Video

If that doesn’t sound like enough to make you want to preemptively dig your eardrums out with your housekeys, Cool Dad Chris Jericho has officially signed on to moderate and pull smug faces for this historic debate. Jericho expressed his interest in the job on his podcast, as he worked for both companies during the contesteed period of time. Good thing he’s not being paid by anyone who’s entirely rewriting actual recorded history on a weekly basis for just $9.99 a month!

One can only hope this will lead to further moderating jobs for Jericho in the future, quashing longstanding tag team beefs, settling disputes that weren’t satisfactorily resolved on The People’s Court. Just imagine the man of 1004 Hold On You’ll Get Your Turns as the new, sassier Candy Crowley. You can’t spell Benghazi without Trashbag Ho, amirite?