Drink It In, Maaaaan: Chris Jericho Is Launching His Own Podcast Network

Professional wrestler, actor, singer, A Star That Dances—is there anything Chris Jericho can’t do? (Except be a convincing babyface, but whatevs.) The jack of seemingly all trades is about to add another notch to his belt with the announcement of The Jericho Network, a podcasting network to be housed under the Podcast One umbrella (the same company that handles the popular Talk Is Jericho podcast).

In a conversation with USA Today, Jericho spouted off such quotable quotes as “People say [podcasting is] the wave of the future. It’s really not; it’s the wave of today,” while describing just what TJN would be.

“Podcasting is such a fragmented market. There are only so many hours in the week. My goal is to have a half-dozen strong shows and give maybe a half-dozen more a chance to make it. Some won’t and we’ll have to pick and choose. There’s no shortage of entertaining people who could have their own shows. But we want those four to six tentpole shows that people are listening to and have a certain amount of downloads that put them at the level you need to make money and draw revenue from advertising. To have those four to six legit hits, that would be my goal. I never want to have more than 10 or a dozen shows. It’s just too many shows and there’s not enough hours in the week.”

The first show confirmed for The Jericho Network will be one hosted by Charles Ashenoff, better known the world over as former WCW mainstay and current Lucha Underground performer Konnan. The luchador’s show will be titled Keepin It 100. (What, was Bowdy Bowdy And Rowdy Rowdy taken?) Jericho and Konnan have a long history together dating back decades, so this partnership should work out smashingly—especially if it means we get to hear from Ralphus again.