Chris Jericho’s Social Media Got Hacked, And It Wasn’t Pretty

18 Jericho
Getty Image

Just a heads-up: Stuff will be censored in this post, but you still may want to consider it NSFW because some of the source links are still compromised at this time.

Chris Jericho is most likely having a heck of a day. I’ll go out on a limb and say he wasn’t planning on frantically getting in touch with the Twitter and Instagram support teams, but after what’s clearly a hack, it looks like that’s now a necessity. Password strength is not a game these days, people! Over on the Twitter front, things were somewhat tame.

I’m sure we’ve all wanted to tell off the boss, but maybe don’t sound like a third-grader when you’re doing it? As you can see from the censoring in the screencap, we’re electing not to redirect attention to the person (or possibly multiple people) claiming responsibility for this. I don’t see why anyone in their right mind would want their name tied to this, especially once you see the damage on Instagram. Again, fair warning: The Twitter situation has since been cleaned up, but as I write this, Jericho’s Instagram is still explicit as hell. Here’s a heavily blacked-out version of what’s going on.

If I had to guess, I’d say the kid plastering his face on the now-renamed account is the guilty party. What you’re not seeing here is a few penises and some unconvincing fakes of Jericho, A.J. Lee, John Cena, and Wade Barrett. Here’s hoping that Jericho can get the situation under control so we can once again browse Instagram safely in public. Also, our apologies to Slash for the unfortunate posing up there. He’s taken plenty of photos with Axl Rose, so he doesn’t need to be standing next to any more dicks.

UPDATE: Bit of a switch. Right after this was posted, the Instagram account was suspended, but Jericho’s Twitter was once again hacked.