Chrissy Teigen Might Be Going To WrestleMania 34, Courtesy Of Stephanie McMahon

When Chrissy Teigen isn’t live-tweeting her own version of The Plane Ride From Hell, she’s reminiscing about the wonderful time she had at WrestleMania 24 back in 2008. Teigen first tweeted about her WrestleMania 24 experience in 2014, but her secret love for WWE is just starting to get some mainstream attention thanks to a personal response from Stephanie McMahon.

Teigen’s husband, John Legend, opened WrestleMania 24 with his own rendition of “America the Beautiful.” Teigen had apparently been mocking Legend’s upcoming WrestleMania performance for weeks, but once she was in the arena watching WWE’s unique brand of entertainment, she ended up having a much better time than she expected.

Unfortunately for Teigen, Legend wanted to leave shortly after his performance was over. Thanks to a Twitter question from our pals at SB Nation, we’ve since learned that not only did Teigen enjoy herself at WrestleMania 24, but it was the most fun she’s ever had at a sporting event, and she’s been to a lot of them.

Teigen’s revelation led to a personal invitation to WrestleMania 34 by Stephanie McMahon herself. McMahon joked that if anyone forces her to leave early this time, Triple H and the entire WWE locker room is going have something to say about it. John Legend, you’ve been warned.

If a short stint at WrestleMania 24 is Teigen’s only wrestling experience, someone should probably warn her that these days, WrestleMania can run close to 8 hours. If Legend isn’t a fan, you can expect some sort of impromptu street fight between Triple H and Legend a few hours into WrestleMania 34. We’re only half joking.