Christopher Daniels And Kazarian Appearing On ‘Comic Book Men’ Because Every Wrestler Likes Comic Books Now

If I asked you to name a wrestler who’s really into comics, your mind is probably going to make the instant leap to CM Punk. He’s writing for Marvel and Vertigo now, lest we forget. But if I ask you the same question, and we’re playing the Taboo version where “CM Punk” is one of the forbidden phrases, you’d probably do well to mention “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels. He’s been vocal about his love for comics for a long time (check out this Marvel interview from 2006, if you don’t believe me). Anyone who likes the Hellfire Club is okay in my book.

Here’s something I didn’t realize until today: Did you know that Daniels has his own comic? Yeah, he and his tag team partner Kazarian have a one-shot with Aw Yeah Comics, and the members of Bad Influence/The Addiction (depending on whether you prefer TNA or Ring of Honor) will be showing up to get their comic on the shelves at the Secret Stash as they appear on AMC’s Comic Book Men. Here’s the admittedly lackluster episode description from the March 1 episode, care of PWInsider:

Kevin [Smith]’s assistant Ashley comes to the Stash and learns about comic-book retail.  Meanwhile, a pair of pro wrestlers want to sell their comic.

I was originally going to do this post like my Billy Corgan one and cram in as many Clerks references as I could, but I thought better of it. By the way, what exactly happens in this issue, penned by Daniels himself? Here’s a bit of the description from Aw Yeah Comics:

Pro-Wrestling SUPERSTARS Christopher Daniels & KAZARIAN travel to Beautiful Downtown Skokie to challenge Action Cat & Adventure Bug to a TAG-TEAM wrestling match?!  What the…?  How did this happen?  That doesn’t sound right.  How can real-life wrestlers meet comic book characters?  Hhmm… I wonder if that bottle of Super Secret Inter-Dimensional Transit Potion has anything to do with this!  You bet it does!

It sounds like Chikara booked this, and I mean that in the best possible way. Also, PLEASE tell me that Action Cat is supposed to be Tyson Kidd.