Chyna Is Trying To Crowdfund An ‘Important’ Documentary About Her Life And Struggles

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After spending years in obscurity, Chyna has once again begun popping up on the news radar on a fairly regular basis. Unfortunately, the reasons people have been talking about the former Intercontinental Champion haven’t been terribly positive.

Chyna was thrust back into the spotlight when Steve Austin unexpectedly asked Triple H about her being inducted in the Hall of Fame during a live WWE Network interview. Triple H said Chyna was qualified, but implied it probably couldn’t happen because she did porn, an obviously problematic statement given some of the life choices other Hall of Famers have made. Chyna’s initial Twitter response was pretty much perfect, but she didn’t actually write that tweet. Her actual response took the form of a rambling interview with Vince Russo, during which she accused Triple H of physical abuse during their relationship. Since then, Chyna has continued releasing videos on YouTube, most of which have been bizarre and/or concerning. We haven’t covered most of them because, frankly, they’ve been kind of depressing.

Well, it’s time to forget the last few months because Chyna is returning to America (she’s been living in Japan for years) and is looking to Kickstart an “important” documentary that will be an “inspiration to women everywhere.” Chyna’s looking for $10,000 to fund The Reconstruction of Chyna, a movie that will follow her as she reconnects with old friends and (hopefully) pulls her life together.

With anything Chyna-related, there are a lot of question marks surrounding this project. Chyna’s Kickstarter pitch video isn’t terribly professional or coherent, and the movie’s title being a cheesy plastic surgery joke doesn’t fill me with hope. That said, the project’s potential director Erik Angra has legit credentials, having worked with Ken Burns and ESPN’s 30 for 30 crew. You almost have to wonder why Angra would agree to work on this relatively low-profile project. I have a feeling he may be looking to capture some moments that are perhaps a bit less inspirational than Chyna is hoping for.

As of the writing of this article, The Reconstruction of Chyna has only raised $360. If you want this potentially fascinating project to happen, you can donate right here. Give $1,000 and you can talk smoothie recipes, yoga and dreams with Chyna on the phone! For $5,000 Chyna will come to your house! Hmmm, is there a tier that will ensure Chyna never comes to my house? Just give me a number, and I’ll gladly pledge.

via Wrestling Inc.