Chyna Just Put Out More Bizarre YouTube Videos About Triple H And Stephanie McMahon

03.10.15 4 years ago 25 Comments

chyna weird video

Before I start this, let me offer a disclaimer: Don’t use these videos to disparage Chyna’s previous claims about HHH assaulting her. Addendum: Don’t use anything to disparage Chyna’s previous claims that HHH assaulted her. That’s what a**holes do. Instead, just watch these videos and see that clearly something is wrong with Chyna. She’s going through something, and I’m hoping that a WWE SWAT team comes to her house, grabs her and gives her some sort of help.

Chyna uses these videos to explain that HHH is horrible, and Stephanie McMahon is a b*tch. And she’s coming after them. The second video, actually, is sort of funny because she’s wondering what the “NEXT” company is that she’s been hearing about. Then, she makes a pretty hilarious Diddy reference while burning HHH. Solid.

Still, Chyna, boo. Let’s get you some help. I’m worried. And I sincerely hope this ends up okay sooner than (too) later.



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