Chyna Wants A Meeting With Triple H And WWE, And Here’s The Weird YouTube Video To Prove It

Former WWE star Chyna is no stranger to bizarre YouTube videos — especially ones where she calls out Triple H and WWE — but this one’s a little different. If you wondered about the timing of her upcoming documentary and those random appearances at WWE headquarters, Chyna (legal name “Chyna”) wants into the WWE Hall of Fame. Now, let’s tie it all together.

In the above video, Chyna assumes that the best way to set up a meeting with WWE front office types is to record a talking-head confessional and post it on YouTube. She just wants to talk to Triple H and Vince McMahon about her problems and figure out how to get herself into worked, based-on-nothing-but-your-relationship-with-the-company pro wrestling Hall of Fame. It’s sad, but in a new way.

We’ll keep you updated on whether or not the meeting actually happens, and if it’s just Vince trying to get her to puke into a trashcan on command.