Sean Waltman Believes Chyna Will Get Into The WWE Hall Of Fame

For many reasons, former D-Generation X stablemates and former couple Sean Waltman and Chyna will always be linked. It’s easy to say that few people knew the late, great Joanie Laurer better than Waltman, who is still very close friends with Triple H and many of the higher-ups in WWE’s brain trust. While some names for the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2017 have already begun to leak out, Triple H is now beginning to at least acknowledge the possibility that Chyna might finally be inducted, after being persona non grata with the company for the last several years of her life.

Wrestling Inc. has a new interview with Waltman
, and they asked him about Chyna’s chances of being inducted this year. Waltman and Austin both agreed that Laurer needs to be in the Hall of Fame, and are hopeful it happens as soon as this year.

I did want to ask you really quick about Chyna and being in the Hall Of Fame. Do you think 2017, you think that’s the right time to be doing it?

“I think it is. And I was talking to Austin about this the last time I was on Austin’s show and both of us feel the same about it. Why not in 2017? Explain to me why. And you can say that other people are in line ahead or whatever, and they are, they are. But I just think sooner’s better than later for sure. There’s no doubt in my mind that she’s going in, man.”

I certainly hope he’s right, as she would be a hell of an inductee, and (although it will never happen) she could stand on her own as the “main event” inductee this year … or any year. Her influence as a wrestler and a pop culture touchstone really cannot be overstated, as she is one of the only women to ever really transcend pro wrestling the way Steve Austin and The Rock have. It’s finally time for WWE to recognize her legacy, even if it is coming tragically much too late.