According To This Video, WWE Is Now Refusing All Of Chyna’s Phone Calls

In case you’ve missed it, former WWE personality and semi-professional reality show trainwreck Chyna is making a documentary. Her Kickstarter describes it as “An INSIDE look at FAME & POP CULTURE. WHY is CHYNA so polarizing? The harsh truth about being a female celebrity…” Aside from the entirely RANDOM capitalization, that seems like it would be pretty fascinating, right?

Thus far, the documentary hasn’t done much to curb the bizarre and downright depressing stream of videos we’re used to getting from Chyna. Following a seemingly positive trip to WWE headquarters (and by positive, we mean “she wasn’t arrested”), Chyna and her manager Anthony Anzaldo posted the following video of their conversation with a receptionist at WWE:

Now… okay. It seems to me that if you’re only now following up a conversation about royalties from 10¬†years ago, that’s a bit problematic for a lot of reasons. The reaction they have to being told that WWE will not be accepting any calls in regards to Chyna seems a bit, oh, how do you say, disconnected from reality? Her manager openly admits that they “shook things up” with the phone interview where she accused Triple H and X-Pac of separate instances of physical and sexual assault, but without any recognition that maybe that was a giant mistake.

People have been treated unfairly on both sides of this equation, but it’s really hard to feel any sympathy for someone who continues to put themselves into these destructive situations (like trying to get something positive from someone you parody-f*cked on film for money) and then cries woe, why me? Like, I don’t wanna say hey, take a lesson from a thing that happens on Total Divas, but girl, you gotta stop taking it to the extreme and going Full Nattie.

Everyone knows you never go Full Nattie.