CM Punk And AJ Lee Are Co-Starring In A Post-Apocalyptic Monster Movie

Former WWE star turned UFC hopeful CM Punk may have lost the role of Rocksteady in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 to Sheamus, but his movie career’s still moving forward nicely; he’ll be co-starring with his wife, former Divas Champion AJ Lee, in the action/horror film Hellstorm, set to start shooting in mid-November.

Via MBN NewsVideoWeb:

After the collapse of the world’s financial system and a devastating world war, a group of mismatched survivors are forced to band together and battle a variety of unexplainable and horrific beasts that descend on their tiny makeshift community.

Hellstorm stars AJ Brooks, the internationally known, longest running WWE Divas Champion of all time. Brooks will appear along with her husband, Phil Brooks, also known as CM PUNK, the longest reigning WWE Champion of this decade and a renowned athlete, who is currently training for his debut as a UFC fighter. The two will appear together in this unprecedented, action-horror motion picture event where will they co-star together for the very first time.

(This press release is gonna be really disappointed when it finds out about The Bellatron.)

The film also stars Mat Fraser (American Horror Story), Colleen Camp (American Hustle), Selene Luna (My Bloody Valentine), Kate Hodge (Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III), Brian Goff (BorderCross) and is written and directed by William Butler (Madhouse). Nick Byassee (Stay Cool) is set as Producer and Emmy Award Winner Jared Safier (The Bay) is the Executive Producer.

Hellstorm is also Co-Produced By Robert Kurtzman, the Creator / Executive Producer of “From Dusk Till Dawn” and starts shooting in Ohio Mid November. Image Entertainment will handle Domestic Distribution and Highland Film Group is handling International Sales. The film is brought to you by Transition Entertainment in association with Safier Entertainment and Initiate Productions.

Any film that approximates Tremors has my support.

We snark a lot on Punk on this site (because reasons), but I think he and AJ will both be great in movies. They should probably be doing that full-time. They always seemed like they were a little too good at acting to be reading WWE material, which was mostly, “I like you, you’re crazy, oh I hate you, let’s kiss.” Note: that’s a great way to describe almost any WWE feud.

We’ll be sure to share the trailer with you as soon as it’s available. Between this and the John Morrison/Diamond Dallas Page Perez Hilton superhero movie, 2016’s going to be a very interesting year for wrestlers in movies.