CM Punk Called Hulk Hogan A ‘Hack’ And ‘Garbage’ For Backing The Lightning In The Stanley Cup

06.09.15 4 years ago 42 Comments

CSN Chicago

CM Punk’s wrestling career coming to a premature end means we never get to see a lot of potentially interesting feuds. For instance, what would happen if Punk got into it with a real old-timer like, say, Hulk Hogan? Well, it turns out that we don’t need Punk to return to wrestling for that to happen, because he and Hogan are feuding in real life. Over hockey.

It’s the middle of June, a time when most people are thinking about cookouts and the beach, so the NHL is just finishing up their playoffs, with the Tampa Bay Lightning taking on the Chicago Blackhawks for the Stanley Cup. Hogan, being from Florida, is a fan of the Lightning, and Punk is of course a frothing maniac when it comes to the Blackhawks.

Hogan’s public support of the Lightning started in a lighthearted enough way. He mostly seemed to be making the rounds to promote the fact that his daughter Brooke frequently sings the anthem for the Lightning. Then, he made the mistake of directly mentioning Punk in a tweet.

Punk responded in his trademark diplomatic manner, calling out Hogan for getting his HOCKEY FACTZ wrong in interviews, and calling the Hulkster some choice names…

Punk then unleashed a full-on wrestling promo on Hogan on Chicago-area sports website, CSN Chicago

Punk’s reaction may seem a little extreme, but then I’m from Canada, where you’re sent off on the ice floe if you’re not inappropriately angry at the world and obsessed with hockey, so Punk threatening to wreck an old man over an innocuous tweet seems fairly reasonable to me. Also, the Lightning, psssh. They were pretty bad in NHL ’94 for the Sega Genesis, which is still the lens I view all NHL teams through, so them winning the Stanley Cup would obviously be a travesty.

(Via CSN Chicago)

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