CM Punk Takes On ‘Irregardless’ In The Latest Edition Of Grammar Slam

If you aren’t a fan of CM Punk’s WWE run, comics, acting, NHL homering or attempted UFC career, perhaps you’ll love him being threateningly aggressive about grammar in the Nerdist’s Grammar Slam.

In the season two premiere, Punk yelled about the difference between “here” and “hear.” This week, he’s taking on IRREGARDLESS, the Braun Strowman of bad grammar. Via Nerdist: may say that “irregardless” is in fact a word, but we’re not buying it. “Irregardless” is a word the same way that “dadbod” is a word: it’s in the dictionary, but only because too many people started using the term with no regard for linguistic integrity. As Punk points out, “irregardless” is a double-negative, which is a major no-no that he will not tolerate.

… grammar functions to make language standardized and understandable, and if you can’t get with the program, maybe you should—as Punk put it—be erased. Or, you know, just learn from the mistakes of the emailers and tweeters featured on Grammar Slam and try to better yourself. Punk really does want what’s best for you after all, he’s just a firm believer in tough love.

Up next: A Grammar Slam where somebody explains the difference between “verse” and “versus.”