CM Punk Led A Group Through ‘The Walking Dead Escape’ In Typically Snarky Fashion

The Walking Dead Escape! challenges fans to survive a zombie packed obstacle course, or, if they prefer, become a walker themselves and try to nab hapless survivors. It’s a fun thing for The Walking Dead fans who want to experience a zombie apocalypse in a low-stress environment, or at least it was until CM Punk showed up. Punk led a group through The Walking Dead Escape at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, and he was, well, typically CM Punk – hitting on undead girls, smugly running half the course backwards, yelling at guys for improperly using the word “literally” while surrounded by zombies. What a jerk. A jerk I LOVE AND MISS. Sniffle.

Check out the largest chunk of CM Punk actually doing entertaining things we’ve seen since he left WWE…

CM Punk acting unimpressed, stiff bodies shambling around – unfocus your eyes just enough and you can pretend Punk’s back in WWE and wrestling Ryback again.

via Nerdist