CM Punk Believes He Has A Mental Advantage Over His UFC Opponent Mickey Gall

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08.30.16 5 Comments

CM Punk’s long-awaited UFC debut is suddenly only two weeks away. After signing with UFC in 2014, he’s had delays, surgeries and pretty much everything else go wrong. Now he has his own documentary series hyping his first fight at UFC 203 against Mickey Gall and he’s going to be popping up everywhere to promote the fight.

Punk appeared via satellite for an interview during the UFC on FOX 21 show this past weekend and once again displayed the confidence you’ve come to expect from CM Punk. When told that Gall has been saying Punk isn’t for real and that he’ll be handing him a quick loss, Punk raised his eyebrows, scoffed and retorted:

“Sweet ˆ he’s supposed to say stuff like that. That’s the fun thing about what we are going to do, we are going to punch each other in the face and see who the better man is. I’m not doing this to try and be a star, I’m doing this because I want to do it and I was afforded an opportunity — I would’ve been a fool to say no.

“It sounds like he’s getting mixed up in his own head and that’s an opportunity for me.”

Pretty much every wrestling and MMA fan in the world expects Punk to get obliterated in his debut, but he certainly has the right mindset. He has to believe he’s going to win if he wants to stand any chance of holding his own in the Octagon.

But if Punk actually manages to pull off the win? Hoooooo boy. That’s going to be millions of people all over the world eating some serious crow. You can imagine Punk wants that to happen more than anything. He’ll certainly be motivated.

(h/t and transcription via Flo Combat)

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