CM Punk Revealed How Many Times He Plans To Fight For UFC, And When He Actually Wants To Debut

CM Punk may not have a date set for his UFC debut, but he sure is optimistic about his future. While Dana White recently named Mickey Gall as Punk’s first potential opponent, and according to Punk, we could be seeing that matchup at UFC 199. Or, well, UFC 200 if Punk has his say. Via The Sun:

I know how much I’ve improved since the first time I stepped foot in Duke’s gym. And looking at June or July as a fight date I get kinda (excited) thinking how much better I’m gonna be from now until then. I get better every day.

…I’d rather be on 200 because monetarily I’d be making more money, and that’s the big show. But I’m not doing this whole thing for money, so it almost kinda doesn’t matter to me. But since it’s only a month later it’s like ‘oh yeah, why don’t we push it?’

While both the MMA and wrestling worlds are full of people expecting Punk to get — as experts refer to it — knocked the eff out then bail, Punk hopes to use that attitude to his advantage, saying that anyone who underestimates him stepping into the cage is “in for a rude awakening.” Regardless of how the first fight goes, he also says he has every intention of fulfilling his full UFC contract:

I can’t honestly answer how many (fights) I’m gonna have — we’ll wait and see how the first one goes. But there’s gonna be eight, at least.

As we inch closer to Punk’s debut, do you believe that he’ll emerge victorious after the extended training time, or is he gonna make like a tree and get out of there at the first sign of actual danger? Let us know in the comments below.