Cody Hall, Son Of Wrestling Legend Scott Hall, Lost Bookings In Japan After An Insensitive Tweet

Cody Hall, the twenty-eight-year-old son of Razor Ramon, has been bouncing from wrestling company to wrestling company in Japan over the past five years. Yesterday, his third company exit was entirely self-inflicted.

Hall began his career in Japan in New Japan Pro Wrestling’s dojo in 2015. He joined Bullet Club while still a trainee, then got injured, spent months out of action, and quietly left the company in 2017. He wrestled for Pro Wrestling NOAH through February 2019, and after spending a few months working for indies in Europe, showed up in DDT in September of the same year.

Hall’s time in DDT is over after he posted a tweet that has now been deleted but lives on in many screencaps. Chris Brookes and Chris Dickinson tweeted about Dickinson enjoying his time working in Japan, Dickinson’s including picture of himself and a Japanese woman, and Hall replied “Blah blah corona virus. Welcome to the yellow fever.” Brookes responded with “Cody no” and Dickinson with a face-palm emoji to this one-two punch of jokes any adult should know not to make about Asian people.

DDT responded in a more official capacity with a statement on their website, in both Japanese and English, stating that Hall, who was involved in DDT storylines, won’t be working the rest of his scheduled dates with the company, and is no longer under contract:

Cody Hall has recently made an inappropriate comment on Twitter, and we have contacted him regarding this situation. Cody Hall has apologized to us, and has also suggested withdrawing himself from the remaining dates of his tour as well as relinquishing his Anytime Anywhere contract. In light of the gravity of his comments, we have agreed to all of his suggestions above.

A few DDT wrestlers commented on Hall’s departure, with Naomi Yoshimura and Yuki Ueno encouraging him to learn from his mistakes. Meanwhile, former sumo wrestler Kazusada Higuchi just called him an idiot.

Hall posted an explanation and apology for his actions, including the line, “I don’t think I’ll be tweeting much more anytime soon,” which you can read here: