Cody Rhodes Says Another Championship Is Coming To AEW Soon

All Elite Wrestling is still finding its feet in a lot of ways, both as a company and as a TV product with AEW Dynamite. With so many wrestlers on the roster, there has been speculation for a while about the introduction of another championship title. Right now all they have is the AEW World Championship, the AEW Women’s World Championship, and the AEW Tag Team Championship. A midcard title — something like the Intercontinental Championship — would give the workers who aren’t in tag teams or the main event something meaningful to fight over.

In a recent appearance on Wrestling Observer Radio, Cody says that they’re working on something a little different:

I think we have an idea that’s different than anything that’s been done and I would just hope that everyone remains patient. Their yearning, their lust for that type of belt — championship — I think will be satiated in 2020. Again, I’m not saying there’s a mid-card title, because if I was to say that there is a mid-card title coming to AEW, Nick Jackson would superkick my skull clean off my head. We’re moving slow. It’s something that the EVP’s all have to agree on, but there is a really great idea in gestation. There’s a great idea out there. Hopefully something that maybe (will) come along with the third-hour news that kind of becomes more prominent.

Don’t worry, when Cody talks about “third-hour news,” he doesn’t meant they’re expanding Dynamite to Raw length. He’s talking about the additional show that’s coming. Which, for the record, he says isn’t just going to be a repackaged AEW Dark:

Initially there was talk that it’ll be like Dark but on another channel. I don’t think it’ll be like Dark. I think it’s gonna be its own animal, and we would want that. We would want to test ourselves.