Brock Lesnar, The Undertaker, And More Just Got New Cool Rock Entrance Themes

I’ve had some pretty heavy debate over exactly what to call these. As someone who has had the entirety of the Mystic Music Cool Rock anthology infomercial ingrained into her brain for the better part of [number of years redacted so the author avoids a nervous breakdown], it’s just “cool rock.” Now I’m told it’s referred to as “yacht rock,” which I find offensive on so many deep, personal levels.

Whatever you wanna call it, YouTube user dotflist — also known as “Erik Helwig/Hot Dad” — has painstakingly created individual theme songs for everyone’s favorite WWE Superstars and Divas, and they’re amazing. It’s like if Stan Bush went off the rails and started singing about ramming stuff up people’s butts, which… okay, he’s still alive. Let’s not rule out the possibility that could one day happen.

The Brock Lesnar one above is pretty choice, but how does he handle social media darlings and Actual Best Thing In WWE, The New Day?


My favorite thing about the Stardust entrance is that you could legitimately fool a teen into thinking it’s a new Haim single:

And hey, even our lord and savior Sasha Banks knows what’s up:

All of the videos on his channel are fantastic, but if you don’t think I’m going to be bumpin’ this Undie theme for the next week to forever, you don’t know a damn thing:

Best. Themes. Ever.