Curtis Axel Posted A Bizarre, Very Emo Video To Usher In The #AxelEra

07.05.16 3 years ago 8 Comments

On WWE Raw this week, Curtis Axel dressed up like a Minuteman and lost in about a minute to Enzo and Cass in a tag match. This may shock you, but he may not be entirely thrilled with the direction his character is going.

Ever since Paul Heyman dumped him as a client, Axel hasn’t really been given much of a chance to be the serious third-generation star that he once looked like he was going to be. Sure, he’s done the best he could with AxelMania and the Outcasts, but this is the son of Mr. Perfect we’re talking about, dammit.

Axel has now taken to social media to make weird emo videos. The above video, set to “Nothin'” by Townes Van Zandt, was posted on both his Twitter and Instagram pages. It features various random black and white pictures of him alongside quotes about how great he is from Paul Heyman, The Rock, The Bella Twins (?), and the man himself, Curt Hennig.  Alongside it, Axel is trying out the hashtag #AxelEra to try to drum up a following.

Axel was plain white toast both during his Michael McGillicutty and IC title runs, but still, I think we all want him to be the main event guy he was once thought to be, even if it’s only because of his lineage.

Regardless, I can’t wait for his next video set to “Hurt” that quotes Alicia Fox or whoever saying he should get a title run.

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