C.W. Anderson Posted A Lengthy Response To Paul Heyman’s Ether Twitter Rant

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03.01.17 7 Comments

C.W. Anderson is best known to wrestling fans as “the Anderson who was in the original ECW.” (If only there were some sort of mnemonic one could employ to remember that.) But he’s popped up again in the wrestling news for the ignominious achievement of “got bodied on Twitter by Paul Heyman.”

To recap: Anderson accused Heyman of ditching out on ECW and leaving it in the hands of Tommy Dreamer when the promotion was circling the drain (which he has said several times over the years, apparently). Heyman found out, cut an extended Twitter promo on C.W. during a Korean BBQ lunch, and that should be that. But in stark contrast to his ECW career, Anderson proved incapable of just taking the L, and went to Facebook to post a lengthy screed in response. Here is that post, and you’d better put the kettle on or something, because he doesn’t leave anything out.

Since Heyman already claimed to go against his instincts in responding the first time, I doubt he’ll respond to this point-by-point breakdown of the feud to date. But if nothing else, I’m glad we live in a world where wrestlers, promoters, and everyone else has access to platforms that allow them to hash out their differences … and allow us to get a front-row seat to all the dirty laundry.

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