This Video Of A Dad Doing Wrestling Moves To His Young Son Is Adorable And A Bit Terrifying

Don’t try this at home, kids. Uh, unless your dad needs to get some viral YouTube hits? Yes, it’s another video of a dad doing wrestling moves to his young son, so start preparing your hot takes now.

These videos are always kind of stressful. On the one hand, wrestling moves are specifically designed to not hurt that much, and when you’re doing them carefully to a 30-pound person on a fluffy comforter, there’s not a lot of danger. And yet, stories of kids being killed doing wrestling moves never go away either, so it’s a bit uncomfortable. All that said, the kid in this particular video from YouTuber Jamie Baker looks to be having a ball, and at one point is put through a cardboard announce table while wearing a Batman costume, so you’re probably going to want to watch this thing. Just, uh, maybe close your eyes during the F5 spot.

Want more action from the Fluffy Comforter Wrestling Federation? We’ve got you covered! Here’s an earlier video of the same kid taking bed chokeslams and suplexes…

Bah gawd! I just can’t believe this! This kid’s resiliency is amazing! How does he find the heart? This 3-year-old just will not go away!