Seth Rollins Returned To ‘The Daily Show’ In A Segment Endorsed By The Beefy Goodness Of Arby’s

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Jon Stewart will be missed by a lot of people when he steps down as host of The Daily Show next week, but he may be missed by wrestling fans just a little bit more, as he was the rare respected celebrity to shamelessly admit to being a fan of dudes grappling in their underpants. Stewart would drop wrestling references on his show on a fairly regular basis, and even engaged in a mini-feud with Seth Rollins earlier this year, which ended with Stewart cutting one of the better wrestling promos of the year, then booting Rollins in the nuts.

Well, Rollins and Stewart RENEWED THEIR STORIED RIVALRY last night when Rollins returned to The Daily Show to, uh, talk about Arby’s. Rollins isn’t Stewart’s only rival, he’s also been waging a pretty serious feud with Arby’s and their (admittedly delicious) grey meat and Cheez Whiz sandwiches, and Rollins introduced a supercut of all the snarky Arby’s “endorsements” that have appeared on The Daily Show over the years.

While at the show, Rollins also presented Stewart with WWE Championshp belt. The company’s been handing out a lot of belts lately, but they went a step further with one, having custom The Daily Show sideplates made for Stewart


Thanks for being one of the few decent celebrity wrestling fans, Jon. If you’re casting around for something to do now that your time with The Daily Show is over, I think most WWE fans would love to see you replace the entire commentary team (after blasting them in the balls, naturally). Think about it.

via The Daily Show