Here’s Dan Soder Cutting A Promo As The ISIS Version Of Macho Man Randy Savage

People deal with tragedies in different ways. Some grieve, some lash out, and some cut promos as the ISIS version of Macho Man Randy Savage.

On a recent episode of The Anthony Cumia Show, Cumia and comedian Dan Soder commented on ISIS threatening to attack New York, saying it was basically a pro wrestling threat, and nothing to be taken seriously. That led to some bad Hulk Hogan impressions, which led into an incredible Randy Savage from Soder. I’m talking Houston Texans strength coach levels of incredible. Savage isn’t around to cut promos as terrorist organizations himself, so it’s nice to know a little bit of him lives in everyone else.

If you haven’t seen him do it before, Soder’s been channeling the Macho Man for years, and the impression is at its best when he’s talking about sh*t the Macho Man would never say. For example, here’s the by-proxy Macho Man predicting that John McCain is going to win the 2012 Presidential election. Hey, we never said the Macho Man was right about anything.

… and here he is as Macho commenting on the Hulk Hogan racism scandal, saying that black and white don’t matter, all that matters is gold around the waist. Yeah. Dig it.