Dana Warrior On ‘Unleash Your Warrior,’ Working With Susan G. Komen, And Her WrestleMania 2018 Prediction

From the very beginning of our phone interview, Dana Warrior sounded like she was smiling. The wife of the late Ultimate Warrior passionate about the work she’s doing with Susan G. Komen, she cares deeply about helping others, and she really loves working with WWE.

Dana has been an official WWE ambassador with January 2017, and for proof of her genuine excitement about the partnership, check her Facebook post. Here’s my conversation with Dana Warrior.

WITH SPANDEX: Tell us about what you’re doing with Susan G. Komen and the partnership with WWE.

Dana Warrior: This was an incredible campaign that was over a year in the making with the idea that women and men can take control of their breast health and actually raise awareness. Our laser focus this year is on metastatic breast cancer with the “Unleash Your Warrior” campaign. The way people can help raise money for metastatic breast cancer research is to WWE.com and grab one of these incredible t-shirts:

What does it mean to you to have the Ultimate Warrior used as an inspiration for women battling cancer?

It means so much to me to have his legacy to continue in this way. Especially in a predominately women’s health issue even though it affects both men and women. Because he has little ‘Warrior girls’ that he was a daddy to that he loved more than anything in the world. So, to tie something like the ‘Ultimate Warrior’ which was so male and so dominate and then to have that tied with the pink ribbon into something that affects women and they fight like warriors in their own right it means everything to me. I’m so proud to stand behind it and watch it take off. I’ll shake the ropes myself, albeit in six-inch heels.

You’ve been involved as an ambassador with WWE since your husband passed away. What does that entail?

It was sort of an evolution after we lost him. I fell in love with the WWE from the talent to headquarters to the crew to the camera people. In one way or another everyone there held us in their arms when we lost him and it was just a natural progression for me to be an ambassador for the company but I felt like part of the family right away.

I’ve been given a voice and even though it came to me through tragedy, it’s an important voice to use in service. And that’s what I’ve elected to do, going to Boys and Girls Clubs and our Be A Star rallies. Having the opportunity to meet these kids and look at them and have them look at me and know ‘that lady’s been through stuff’. Even though they don’t know what it is they can identify with me when we’re talking about bullying or helping with Connor’s Cure.

I feel so blessed when I get to go to these schools and talk to these children and when I get to go to the childrens hospitals and look in the eyes of kids. Our mission is always to put smiles on people’s faces but the truth is when I go home the biggest smile carried is mine. So I’m honored to do all of those things, especially the opportunity to tie in my husband’s legacy with something as incredible as Susan G. Komen’s work against metastatic breast cancer.

When is the next time we’ll see you at a WWE event?

Oh, [laughs] any time I’m invited. I am such a fan of WWE, I lose myself in the characters, in the superstars, in the production of everything. I’m so mesmerized, honestly, by the show. I’m such a fan and my daughters are too!

Give us your WrestleMania 34 main event prediction.

Wow, I love this question. I’m gonna be up all night contemplating “oh I wish I had said this, or that.” I am a huge fan of all the heels … I’ve had so much fun watching Jinder Mahal be so bad. His guys being bad along with him. But then I love Bobby Roode’s entrance. And Finn Balor. Hmmmm. Maybe I’ll put Finn Balor against Jinder Mahal – and I don’t know who’s walking away with that one.

So there you go, Finn Balor vs. Jinder Mahal. Dana was so enthusiastic about this answer that she sold us on the idea as well. So if you see The Modern Day Maharaja cruising down the Super Dome on an Elephant with a belt around his waist on April 8th, 2018 — look for Dana Warrior marking out.

You can buy the “Unleash Your Warrior” shirts now from the WWE Shop.