Is WWE Keeping A Healthy Daniel Bryan Out Of The Ring So He Doesn’t Mess Up Their Plans?

Is WWE afraid that a healthy Daniel Bryan will mess up their plans for WrestleMania? Well… no, probably not, but that’s the scuttlebutt going around currently. According to good ol’ Dave Meltzer at the Wrestling Observer, WWE is scared of bringing Daniel Bryan back:

The problem is that, with any other wrestler who is at his level, if he was cleared you’d bring him back. But with him, because of the fanbase, and because Daniel Bryan’s popularity screwed up two WrestleManias in a row in their minds, with their plans, you have to be careful about bringing him back, especially this year, where the goal is to make up for what he screwed up last year, and if WWE brings him back now, he’ll screw up this year’s plans too.

I… just don’t know about this one, guys. What, did he knock over a stack of carefully arranged Terminator skulls? Spill grape juice on Road Dogg’s best track pants? Is Daniel Bryan secretly the Mr. Bean of WWE? And if not, can he be? Please?

Over the past year, WWE has become increasingly savvier when it comes to their fanbase, and it seems to me like if they’re holding him back, it’s to guarantee that whatever they’ll bring him back for will have the desired effect. Daniel Bryan has been building anticipation or his return, and it seems highly unlikely that a company as controlling of their public image as WWE would let him admit that he’s good to go, but goshdarnit they just won’t let him.

Everything in WWE right now just kind of seems like a placeholder, especially now that they’ve had so many serious injuries crop up (with another major one supposedly being kept quiet). While they’re still dealing with multiple concussion-related lawsuits and would want to handle anyone with a head injury with kid gloves, realistically, WWE wouldn’t be holding back someone with the merch-selling power and connection to the ‘smart’ fanbase like Daniel Bryan without a plan in place.

I know that having faith in WWE is probably the most difficult thing to do as a wrestling fan, especially given everything they’ve done since *checks watch* ever, but it really does feel like they’re just biding their time on this one.

What say you, With Spandex readers? Do you guys scare the pants off of WWE? Do you think they’re saving him for an epic return? And will THIS be his WrestleMania entrance? Tell us in the comments below!

Transcription h/t to Reddit

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