Daniel Bryan Talked Not Remembering His Book’s Title, Being Embarrassed By Yes! Chants, And More

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Daniel Bryan’s new autobiography Yes! My Improbable Journey to the Main-Event of WrestleMania went on sale at fine booksellers everywhere yesterday, so Bryan is of course on the promotional trail. Bryan hit up 100.5 The Rock (no, not that The Rock) yesterday, and had a few fun things to share about his life.

First up, no, you’re not the only one who finds the title of Bryan’s bio to be a bit unwieldy.

“You have to keep in mind, I did not title it that. It was the book publishers. I keep forgetting it myself. I just call it the ‘Yes’ book.”

Speaking of which, Bryan went into the whole Yes! thing. He talked about how he nabbed it from Diego Sanchez, how the San Francisco Giants ended up doing it, and the fact that he’s not actually as comfortable with with the non-stop chanting as you might think.

“In my real life, in my civilian life, when people come up to me, especially family members, and starting Yes-ing, I get really embarrassed. I get really uncomfortable. Like, I thought I was not working right now.”

It isn’t just Yes-ing Daniel Bryan shuns in real life, he pretty much casts anything WWE-related aside.

“No I don’t actually play with my WWE action figure. In my wife and mine’s house, if you were to go through, you wouldn’t even realize we were into the WWE. We have nothing up to indicate we we’re wrestlers or anything like that.”

Back on the subject of Daniel Bryan’s book, I won’t give away a lot juicy details because I don’t want to step on D-Bry’s book sales at all, but I think I do need to share this story about the first time Daniel Bryan and his wife Brie Bella got it on.

“We were naked and about to do our thing when all of a sudden we heard the sound of the door handle turning and then the door popped open. Bri jumped under the covers as [Ted DiBiase Jr.] and Sheamus barged into the room, inebriated as can be, wit the ‘Ahhh fella!’ and all that.”

GOD… DAMN… F*CKING… SHEAMUS. Knowing that guy, he waited until Daniel and Brie were exactly 18 seconds into it before barging in the room. So, yeah, you’ll probably want to click right here and get a copy of Bryan’s book for yourself.

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