Daniel Bryan Finally Met The Man He Stole His Yes! Chant From At A Weekend House Show

I don’t mean to shock you, but Daniel Bryan is a bit of a thief. At least he’s open about it – while Bryan may have popularized the Yes! chant, he credits UFC fighter Diego Sanchez with sparking the idea. Here’s Sanchez doing a proto-Yes! chant at UFC 95

Not exactly the same as what Bryan does, but you can see the genesis. Oddly, despite arguably owing a lot of his current success to the man, Daniel Bryan had never actually met Diego Sanchez. Well, that finally changed at a live event in Albuquerque this weekend. Sanchez was in the front row during the show, and after a match with Bray Wyatt, Bryan publicly thanked him for originating the Yes! chant. Later in the evening, the two Yes men took this picture together

I’m guessing this happy moment was captured before Sanchez asked Bryan for a cut of all those Yes! t-shirts.

via Wrestling Inc.