Daniel Bryan May Have Been Pulled From In-Ring Action Because Of A Concussion

Don’t ever get into a headbutting contest with a goat because you will make us scared and worried forever. It turns out that protecting Daniel Bryan’s neck of fragile baby bird bones may not have been the concern that had Bryan pulled from the remainder of the European tour. According to Bryan Alvarez of the Wrestling Observer, it could have been a concussion.

Alvarez mentioned on Wrestling Observer Live that the injuries were more than likely sustained during his recent SmackDown match against Sheamus (above), and that this is one of the many problems that have occurred since his return.

I’ve been told that the situation with Daniel Bryan is that he suffered a concussion. I don’t know what the status of his neck is or his elbow, that may still be a problem, but the big issue on the tour was a concussion that he suffered and it was in fact, for those of you who saw the Smackdown show where Sheamus came out and gave him a beating, we actually talked about this on the program, there had been some heat on Sheamus for, I don’t know if being careless is the best word, but he did give Daniel Bryan a beating and apparently Daniel Bryan suffered a concussion in that beating, so I guess that’s the situation.

I presume there has to be a little more to the story because if Daniel Bryan got a concussion he shouldn’t have being doing anything on the shows and they did put him in some tag team matches, some six-man matches, he was in the ring, so I don’t know if he maybe got cleared, maybe after suffering the concussion they cleared him, but he was still suffering symptoms.

Bryan did participate in the SmackDown tapings for the show that aired last night, but conspicuously did not take any bumps to his back, neck, or head in a potential effort to “work safe.” WWE has experienced increased scrutiny when it comes to their past history of alleged mishandling of concussions and head injuries, so pulling Bryan from the tour over concerns is at least a step in the right direction.

So, if Reddit can send a gift basket to Triple H, which one of us will start the fund to ship a few industrial-sized rolls of bubble wrap to Daniel Bryan?