Daniel Bryan Is Training And Still Begging To Be Cleared To Wrestle By WWE


Okay, want to hear a hot take? Daniel Bryan is going to eliminate Roman Reigns at the Royal Rumble. Yeah, I said it. Here. Look. Daniel Bryan has been going overboard with this “WWE won’t clear me” and “I may not wrestle again” rhetoric.” He’s been telling everyone within earshot that WWE doesn’t want him to wrestle. It’s all doom and gloom, causing us to panic at every update. But I think it’s a work. Yes, in the vein of visionaries like Vince Russo, Daniel Bryan is putting on a worked shoot.

And don’t you notice how Bryan’s pleas for getting cleared are louder and louder as he gets closer to the Rumble and ‘Mania? Take, for instance, the above Instagram video. Daniel Bryan is lifting and preparing like he’s going to be somewhere soon. However, the caption to the post is still complaining because WWE won’t clear him. Guys, come on, now. I smell something fishy and I think Daniel Bryan is totally healthy and WWE just doesn’t want to make the same mistake they did last year by having him show up before the Rumble and make the fans boo everyone who’s not him.

Or maybe I’m just a dreamer.

Either way, at least Daniel Bryan is moving like a human with working limbs again. Yay!