Daniel Bryan Wants To Wrestle Brock Lesnar And Now That’s The Only Thing We Want

According to insiders, WWE talent is split on who should win 2015’s Royal Rumble. Some people think Daniel Bryan should win, effectively getting a “do-over” and retaking his role as the people’s champion. Some think Roman Reigns should win, because he’s the chosen future of the company and should look really strong.

Should Bryan win and WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar retain in his now triple-threat match against John Cena and Seth Rollins, that’d set up Bryan vs. Lesnar for WrestleMania. If that made you put your hands in front of your mouth and make squee noises, don’t feel badly: you aren’t alone. In an interview with MTV UK, Bryan himself popped for the possibility of The (Actual) Best vs. The Beast.

In an interview with Bryan conducted just before Summerslam while he was recovering from his neck surgery, the technical wonder admitted such a clash would be a dream come true.

“One of the things that kills me about this is if I were champion right now I’d be wrestling Brock Lesnar and that’s the match I’ve always really wanted,” he said at the time.

“I feel like we could do something completely different that people [wouldn’t] have seen before in the United States.

“That’s the match I really, really want.”

If Lesnar’s headed back to MMA after the Spring, having him get “put down” by someone unexpected could be the way to go. One of Brock’s greatest matches was against Eddie Guerrero, who was roughly Bryan-sized. At the same time, do you put one of the most dangerous wrestlers in the world in the ring against Daniel Bryan, a guy who just missed most of 2014 with a career-threatening injury? Does that just make it more exciting and dramatic?

We’ll save our YES GIFs for the Rumble — assuming Rey Mysterio doesn’t take Bryan’s spot and piss everybody off — but here’s one for optimism’s sake.