Daniel Bryan Says There’s A Chance WWE Could Clear Him To Wrestle Again

11.14.17 1 year ago 19 Comments

Daniel Bryan has talked about coming back to the ring many times in the last year and a half since he retired in February 2016. We know the main reasons why he retired: concussions. Bryan accumulated a lot of concussions over his 17 years of wrestling and he was told by doctors to stop wrestling. However, Bryan is doing everything he can to deal with those issues; he’s seeing a lot of doctors and has no problem telling us about it. Bryan has also been very open and honest in telling us why WWE doesn’t want him to wrestle too.

This past weekend, Bryan appeared at WWE Night hosted by the New Jersey Devils NHL team, which also meant he did a lot of interviews with different outlets including the popular Busted Open Radio show.

During his discussion with Busted Open, Bryan offered up some percentages in terms of how likely it is that he will wrestle again and how likely WWE might be to clear him.

“I think there is an 85 percent chance that I will wrestle again, and a 20 percent chance that WWE will clear me to wrestle.”

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