Daniel Tosh Visited A WWE Field Of Dreams In His Latest Web Redemption

Remember when Sting made his WWE debut at Survivor Series and everybody got excited? One guy got so excited it made him jog in place and do play-by-play like a hillbilly Sheldon Cooper, and that was enough to get him noticed by Tosh.0.

Here’s last night’s Web Redemption for the Sting Fan, the well-meaning heir to the It’s Still Real To Me Dammit guy’s throne. It has its charming moments — the guy talking about nWo referees and the Starrcade ’97 card is particularly endearing — and it’s Tosh, so it’s as offensive as possible. Rape jokes! Owen Hart dying! There’s something for everyone!

Anyway, check it out. They need to get the guy who played Big Bossman into WWE playing The Big Bossman.

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I’m so sad Dean Ambrose didn’t run out at the end and try to fight Andre the Giant’s ghost.