New Japan Legend Daryl Takahashi’s Son Made His In-Ring Debut In Ring Of Honor

05.12.18 8 months ago 8 Comments

Ring of Honor

The history of professional wrestling is full of family legacies (the Harts, Von Ericks, Anoa’is, and many more), and it looks like a new one began at the Ring Of Honor/New Japan Pro Wrestling War of the Worlds crossover show in Toronto last night. Hiromu Takahashi brought Daryl Takahashi Jr., son of the legendary Daryl Takahashi, to watch his match from ringside. Ultimately, the kitten ended up getting involved in the action. This could be the start of not only a pro wrestling career, but possibly Hiromu’s plan to save the world with cats somehow.

The History Of The Takahashi Wrestling Family

It’s been a long, emotional journey to this point for the Takahashis. Daryl, a weighted Mochineko plush doll designed to relieve stress, began accompanying Hiromu to the ring to help him cope with the loss of the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship in 2017. Daryl quickly became a fan favorite, but his career was tragically cut short after an attack by Bad Luck Fale so brutal it led fans to call for the Underboss to be charged with murder.

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